Terms and Conditions

Property Management Referral Agreement

This agreement is entered into between RESE Property Management LLC (RPM) and:

You, the agreeing party and your Brokerage


1) RESE Property Management LLC agrees to pay referring realtors up to 20% of the property management fees for as long as the property is managed by RESE AND the real estate license of the referring realtor remains active. Once inactive, we will cease to pay any referral fees.

2) RESE Property Management LLC promises to point the property owner back to the referring realtor, if at any time during their association seller is desirous of selling the referred property.

3) RPM will apply its best efforts to build and market RR to the property owners with a view to solidifying that relationship.

4) RESE Property Management will be paid a marketing fee of 10% (of real estate commissions) paid at the closing of the sale of any referred property sold by RR, unless RR opted out when referral was initially submitted into RESE referral system.

5) If a tenant, placed by RESE, buys the property in which they reside – RPM will be paid a 25% referral fee (of buyer’s side of real estate commissions) at the closing of any such deals.

6) Referring realtor confirms that they are an active, licensed, real estate agent and that referral fees will be delivered to the referring agent’s broker as required by law.

Your agreement to these terms is acknowledge by the checkbox on the form.