“Hey I wanted to let you know that I am impressed with how well you are organized, I am also really liking Brent and Broca, they both have communicated very well the last month, keep it up Rese PM!!”

- Jonny Christensen, Team Leader, Keller Williams

Awesome. Thanks for the update. Good Job. Rese is kicking butt for us and we appreciate your work.

-Jonny Christensen, Red Sign Real Estate Team



Our experience with Rese Property Management was a very positive experience from the moment we contacted Tony Du Preez two years ago.

My wife and I were first time landlords with a single investment rental property and thought we could handle working with tenants ourselves. Unfortunately, due difficulty with one of our tenants that affected neighbors as well, we decided we needed professionals to fully manage our property and our realtor, Parker Smith, referred us to Tony at Rese Property Management.
We contacted Tony who is one of the founders for Rese Property Management and told him of our negative experience. Tony patiently listened to our experience and explained what his company had to offer. This is exactly what we were looking for! Tony kindly set us up with a personal property manager named Brent. We have had a very positive experience with Brent who has been an excellent property manager and mentor to us. He is very responsive and proactive in helping protect our investment property. He has automatically (always being sure to check with us first) makes arrangements to have any routine maintenance and repairs carried out which is most appreciated.
We also receive, via email, a secure link that provides us with a detailed monthly statement showing our rental income and any maintenance expenses we have authorized to be done on our rental property. I have found it useful to download the reports and store them electronically on our PC. These reports are also stored on the RESE website should they be needed at a later date.
Lastly, I would like to mention the office staff at Rese Property Management. They're friendly, efficient and are an excellent example of what customer service should be. Thanks to Gail and the office staff!
Our relationship with Tony and Rese Property has been one of the best decisions my wife and I have made to protect our investment property. Thanks Tony and the rest of our friends at Rese Property Management!
The Prestons